Char­ity Shop­ping with Tukru

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On Sat I went down Rochester with Tukru to do some char­ity shop­ping. She got Ike & Tina Turn­er and Human League records, a unicorn colour­ing book for zine purposes (she’s a big unicorn fan) and I convinced her to get some Agatha Christie books.

I got:
Tusk & Songs from a room on vinyl, 60s housecoat/​dress (Marks & Sparks 100% Poly­es­ter, the finest fibre from the finest maker know to man), Agatha Christie books with great morbid covers (I’m all about the detect­ive novels, Agatha Christie books are so reas­sur­ing, they’re always the same) and a seri­ously weird Lady­bird book with sentences like “the puppy wants to play with the trum­pet” for zining purposes.

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