Diana Wynne Jones zine- digit­al edition

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A few years back I made a zine with articles about writer Diana Wynne Jones (prob­ably best known for writ­ing Howl’s Moving Castle), and an inter­view I conduc­ted with her before she sadly died. The paper edition is still avail­able here, but for the fore­see­able future I can only send phys­ic­al copies to the UK. So I’ve made a digit­al edition for people to read.

If you enjoyed the zine and would other­wise have bought it, you can stick some change in here via Payp­al.

The zine is for person­al read­ing only. Commer­cial use is not allowed.

PDF version– preserves origin­al page layouts

EPUB version– best for eread­ers (has a few issues with layout around images though)

  • Contents
  • How I star­ted read­ing DWJ
  • Complete bibli­o­graphy
  • Inter­view with Diana
  • DWJ and the curse of the terrible cover art
  • Things read­ing Diana’s books has taught me
  • My favour­ite: Fire and Hemlock
  • My favour­ite: the Ogre Down­stairs
  • My favour­ite: the Home­ward Bounders (By Kyra Jucovy)
  • My favour­ite: Howl’s Moving Castle (By Eden Burnett)
  • My favour­ite: Witch Week (By Hannah)
  • Witch Week as the anti-Harry Potter
  • Adult villains
  • Review of Farah Mendlesohn’s book
  • Polly’s complete read­ing list
  • The ending of Fire and Hemlock explained

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