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endless card 1

This was some­thing I made as devel­op­ment work on my MA, and never finished. It’s an endless card. Basic­ally you cut four rect­angles of card, and fold and glue them in such a way that you create a card that opens to reveal anoth­er open­ing, which then opens to anoth­er, and so on. You get four differ­ent pictures that open up. There’s a tutori­al to make one here. I went to a work­shop where they showed you how to make them, and the woman running it had made a very nice card of the story of Dori­an Grey.

I decided to make my own as part of the story­board­ing process for my project, in this case the story of the sirens. Once I’d glued the outside on though, I real­ise that the card­board I’d chosen for the base was far too thick, so I didn’t do the interi­or in the end. Even with two sides covered, the back stopped meet­ing, as you can see in the second picture. What you can see is the first and last picture of the story.

The inside had the sirens flying down, and then you opened it to Orph­eus play­ing his harp. The artwork would never have stayed flat though. I made it with vari­ous kinds of metal­lic paper, and posca mark­ers. The text is a print out of the script I was using. I’ll make anoth­er some time, with much thin­ner card. It’s a diffi­cult thing to scan, because the paper is metal­lic, and it’s coated with a layer of glit­tery glaze. It wasn’t origin­ally meant to be glit­tery, it’s just that when I tested a small sample, the plain glaze made the ink run, yet the glit­tery version didn’t, and I don’t know why. I needed to put some­thing over the paper to make sure that the edges stayed down when you opened it, so I went with the glit­ter.

endless card 2

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