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As part of my MA, we were required to keep a creat­ive diary keep­ing track of the profes­sion­al prac­tice lectures, research, read­ing, exhib­i­tion visits and gener­al inspir­a­tion. I finally got around to scan­ning some of the one from my second year. In the first year I used blog posts for the same purpose, but I felt the need later on for a phys­ic­al record.

It’s a 1/​4 sized sketch­book with pictures prin­ted out onto cheap super­mar­ket photo paper. I star­ted colour­ing in the pages with indi­an ink because the print­er ink kept rubbing off the cheap photo paper and leav­ing grubby marks on the oppos­ite page. That’ll teach me for not buying the origin­al cart­ridges or paper, I guess.

I just scanned the odd page here and there, chosen almost at random, because I filled up all 100 pages over the course of the year, and I doubt anyone here has the patience to look at all one hundred. The lectures we had were more about artists discuss­ing their work and the path of their career than inform­a­tion that had to be writ­ten down for later learn­ing, so I got into the habit of only jotting down phrases that caught my atten­tion and encour­aged further thought for my own work.


Inside cover. The b&w pass­port photo is one of many I took in Vienna, where they have quite a few old-fash­ioned photo­booths that only cost €2 a go. I’m hold­ing a bag of Schokoba­nan­en, an austri­an sweet that it seems only me and austri­an people like. They’re foam/​gummy bana­nas covered in dark chocol­ate. I love T.S.Eliot’s poetry, but I’m not keen of what I’ve read of his polit­ics.


Exhib­i­tions in Vienna.

The Sound Museum, and an exhib­i­tion about Jan Ṧvank­ma­jer at the Kunsthalle


This is the short film I talked about. It’s really worth a watch:


Some things from the Museum of Child­hood.


A lecture from John Vernon Lord, a very well known children’s illus­trat­or.


An exhib­i­tion about the begin­nings of colour film at Brighton Museum. All-singing, all-dancing Kinema­col­our, the height of tech­no­logy in 1908:


Some books I enjoyed.


Fork­beard Fantasy at the Royal Fest­iv­al Hall. I wrote about the exhib­i­tion here.


Lectures about my tutor George Hardie‘s garden and from furniture design­er Fred Baier. Fred reminded me very much of the profess­or in Back to the Future. Also, I can’t spell in Russi­an. It should be Чернихов instead of Черниkов.


A shop window display in Palma, and modern science not being as good as its advert­ising. The ther­mo­plastic looked like old candle­wax when it dried.


A summary at the end of the diary of all the influ­ences that fed into the finished project.

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