Eszter­házy Castle- The Versailles of Hungary

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Fertöd is also home to Eszter­hazy Castle, a baroque palace often called “The Versailles of Hungary”. The Eszter­hazy family were the ultra-rich landown­ers in west­ern Hungary and east­ern Austria, and have palaces and castles dotted all over the place. This wasn’t even their main palace. It’s now a museum with guided tours. The tour was all in Hungari­an, but luck­ily with an English crib sheet. 

Exhib­i­tion in the entrance hall show­ing progress on restor­a­tion.

Even the heat­ers are ornate.

Graf­fiti left by Red Army soldiers garrisoned here at the end of the Second World War

Hadyn did a resid­ency here, and the main hall is used for concerts and weddings.

Demon­stra­tion of restor­a­tion tech­niques

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