Assor­ted Fertőd

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Fertőd is the village in Hungary just across the border from Pamha­gen. It has a huge Baroque palace there (which we also visited) and there­fore more places to eat than Wall­ern (and the exchange rate is very favour­able). The train takes about five minutes, but only runs every four hours. In fact the train jour­ney was so quick a lot of the time the conduct­or couldn’t even be bothered to sell us a cross-border tick­et.

We went there to eat, to visit the castle, and also to collect my clothes, which had got stuck in the wash­ing machine at the gues­t­house in Györ, and which had been sent to the post office in Fertöd.

There are a lot of discount dent­ists in Hungari­an border towns. Also this discount mattress shop with this slightly odd street display.

This may look like cereal, but is in fact cream of garlic soup with croutons.

These Hungari­an chil­is with their very distinct­ive smell always fill me full of nostal­gia for when I was teach­ing English in Budapest in 2008. 

Weird fake Swedish Hungari­an margar­ine. Along the lines of Haagen Dazs, it’s a fake brand name that would never actu­ally be used in the coun­try that it pretends to be from.

Yes, that is Hungari­an for sand­wich

Living history museum. Also closed until East­er.

Although the houses in Wall­ern and Fertöd are much the same origin­al design, you can tell you’re on the Hungari­an side of the border because everything is a little scruf­fi­er, but also more eccent­ric and lively.

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