Assorted Fertőd

Fertőd is the village in Hungary just across the border from Pamhagen. It has a huge Baroque palace there (which we also visited) and therefore more places to eat than Wallern (and the exchange rate is very favourable). The train takes about five minutes, but only runs every four hours. In fact the train journey was so quick a lot of the time the conductor couldn’t even be bothered to sell us a cross-border ticket.

We went there to eat, to visit the castle, and also to collect my clothes, which had got stuck in the washing machine at the guesthouse in Györ, and which had been sent to the post office in Fertöd.

There are a lot of discount dentists in Hungarian border towns. Also this discount mattress shop with this slightly odd street display.

This may look like cereal, but is in fact cream of garlic soup with croutons.

These Hungarian chilis with their very distinctive smell always fill me full of nostalgia for when I was teaching English in Budapest in 2008. 

Weird fake Swedish Hungarian margarine. Along the lines of Haagen Dazs, it’s a fake brand name that would never actually be used in the country that it pretends to be from.

Yes, that is Hungarian for sandwich

Living history museum. Also closed until Easter.

Although the houses in Wallern and Fertöd are much the same original design, you can tell you’re on the Hungarian side of the border because everything is a little scruffier, but also more eccentric and lively.

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