Friar hermit stumbles over

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I’m in Brno in the Czech Repub­lic for a week before start­ing work in Austria next week. The Czech Repub­lic is having a much colder winter than usual, with heavy snow. Yester­day we went down to Brno Rese­voir, which had unusu­ally frozen over. We walked about five miles up the river Svratka over the ice, up to Veveří Castle, on a thick layer of snow over ice. The ice made some omin­ous crack­ing noises, but there were lots of people skiing and walk­ing dogs, so it was safe enough.


There was the occa­sion­al patch of exposed ice.

And this uniden­ti­fied dead anim­al. A deer? A fox? Either way, it was very dead.

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