Gener­al wander­ing round Copen­ha­gen

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plant window sm

About 6 weeks ago I went on a short break to Denmark and Sweden. It shows how busy I’ve been lately that it’s taken me so long to post these. I unex­pec­tedly had some extra holi­day days I had to use up quickly before the end of my work contract, and none of my friends were free to travel on the specif­ic week­end I had to use them, so I went by myself. I saw cheap flights to Copen­ha­gen, and booked them on a whim, on the grounds that I’d never been to Denmark before, and it was also easy to visit Sweden from Copen­ha­gen. I also have a danish friend Sanne I used to work with in London, so I arranged to meet up with her while I was there and drink some Mikkeller beer at normal prices (rather than the exor­bit­ant prices they charge in the UK). (Good luck with the PhD viva Sanne!). I liked Denmark a lot, although I’m not sure if I’d want to live there. They seem very set in their ways. In fact it reminded me a lot of Austria, but with sea rather than moun­tains.

While I was there I spent a lot of time wander­ing round Copen­ha­gen, visited Malmö and Lund in Sweden, and Helsingør along the coast, and also visited the Louisi­ana Art Museum and the Roskilde Viking Museum, which were also great. Denmark is not the greatest place to be a veget­ari­an without a kitchen (they are not so hot on the concepts of bacon or mayo free food or accur­ate labelling), and I had the worst hotel bed I’ve ever slept in (you can’t expect a lot for £30 a night in Scand­inavia, esp if you have a prob­lem with your AirB­nB account and have to stick to hotels) and got a big tick bite on my leg, but I had a great time. There are a lot more photos, a few more blog posts, and a zine to come from this trip.

canal sm

Copen­ha­gen has endless water­ways and bridges.

house boat sm

And a lot of house­boats to go on those water­ways.

plant window sm

There are lots of lovely old houses in current use as well. These burdock/​rhubarb type plants were every­where as well. I also drank my own weight in elder­flower flavoured slush­ies, which they sell at every conveni­ence store in Denmark. (Admit­tedly almost every shop is a 7-11 branded one)

mosaic house sm

I found Chris­ti­ania a bit disap­point­ing and tacky, although I did like this mosa­ic house. I thought it might be a good place to get some vegan food, but there was really not much else other than cheap weed, Bob Marley t-shirts and gener­ic cans of beer for sale. Maybe it’s past its heyday.

Colour-coordinated flats sm

It always pays to co-ordin­ate your car to your house. You can also see a lot of bikes parked outside the build­ing. It’s a very low-crime city, so people just fasten the built-in wheel lock and prop their bike against a wall without chain­ing it to anything, and the bikes don’t seem to get stolen.

grey crows sm

These bold grey crows were abso­lutely every­where too. You only see them in the UK in Scot­land.

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