Good­bye N17, Hello SE13

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I’ve been really busy the last month. I moved from one end of London to the other, finished one job and did anoth­er short-term one, all in the space of a few weeks. When I’ve been at a computer in my spare time I’ve mostly been doing admin for DIY Space for London.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Totten­ham. I moved there in 2013 because a cheap room came up, and ended up living there for two more years just out of conveni­ence. My auntie and cous­ins used to live there in the 80s and 90s, but they’re long gone to Hert­ford­shire now. There was never much in the area that I was partic­u­larly attached to, the trans­port links aren’t great, and I felt like I was constantly on trans­port to get some­where, worry­ing about being late.

A couple of weeks ago I moved to Lewisham, to a much nicer flat, to an area I like more. I’m near friends now, with better trans­port options and a decent local high street, so it’s a massive improve­ment already. I moved in the middle of the heat wave, and then had to rush off for a couple of weeks to work at a summer camp, so I’m only really just settling in. A desk and some shelves should arrive tomor­row (touch wood), so I’ll be able to unpack prop­erly then as well. I’ve got a big back­log of photos and other things I want to post here: my holi­day to Denmark and Sweden, friend’s gigs, book reviews and all sorts of other things. I’ve also got some creat­ive projects I want to work on too.

I’ve also been trying to open a PO Box for my zine stuff, which has been stalled by Royal Mail inform­ing me that my build­ing doesn’t exist. It’s 200 years old, and they deliv­er post there every day, but appar­ently it doesn’t exist. I have to hassle someone at the coun­cil to offi­cially inform them that the build­ing exists (?!?)

Here’s a playl­ist I made a few weeks ago at work for your listen­ing pleas­ure or displeas­ure (depend­ing). The Chills (one of NZ’s top exports) song myster­i­ously disap­peared in that time, and I had to replace it with an inferi­or live version, but never mind. I bought the Pixies cover album when I was a teen­ager, and it was a pretty crappy mixed bag. I remembered it the other day and found it on Spoti­fy: I still like this Get Up Kids version off it though. Native Nod are Chris Leo’s teen­aged band from the early 90s who recently re-surfaced on Spoti­fy. I think the rest of the things are fairly self-explan­at­ory.

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