Goat Comic Volume One

In the UK we’ve been in pandemic lockdown since December. I’ve used the time to make a book of comics. It’s finally finished and I sent the files to the printers today. Originally it was going to be a thicker book of monochrome comics, but then I changed my mind and wanted to do colour.

The book:

Goat comics for fans of Borges and Le Guin. Suitable for age 12+.

36 page A5 (roughly 6.8″) full-colour comic on luxury uncoated 150gsm paper with 300gsm laminated cover, book spine and decorative end papers.

You can order a paperback here to arrive in April- You have the option of ordering the book only, or a book plus an A4 (8.3 x 11.7″) art print of the pink mushroom king (featured in the book)

If you want the ebook:

Pdf via Etsy £1.80
ePub via Kobo


  • A Visit to the Oracle
  • The Feast of Laundry
  • The Mushroom King
  • Theses
  • Info page about all the stupid jokes

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