Golden Hands Book of Crafts

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While I was at my grandparent’s place, I scanned some books. Here’s the Golden Hands Book of Crafts from the 70s. I have some of the magazine of the same name, which I scanned before. You can see that here. Most of the tutori­als in the book weren’t very excit­ing, but there were some nice 70s stock pictures.


Laura Ashley fantasy land. Corn-gath­er­ing snoot pictured.


fabric crafts

Everything in their house is patch­work, I’m sure.


The kites they show you how to make in the book are noth­ing like as nice as the ones in the picture.


I really like that fern fabric.

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  1. I remem­ber that in the 70's, crafts were a big thing. My fath­er used to make pin and twine pictures. He'd make them on a black back­ground and use coloured and glit­tery twine. They were rather nice.

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