The hills are alive with torren­tial rain.

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I’m currently in Kirch­berg am Wech­sel, at the east­ern end of the Austri­an Alps for work. I didn’t really have much access to the inter­net last week in Dresden, so I haven’t updated prop­erly. I saw most of the sights, also went to the DDR Museum in Rade­beul and ate a lot of pastry and spätzle.

The school in Dresden was an inter­est­ing and exhaust­ing exper­i­ence. No-one had warned us before we got there that they were still build­ing the school, so there was no elec­tri­city or running water, and furniture would myster­i­ously appear and disap­pear. The (completely built and equipped) school in Kirch­berg seems very rest­ful! On the way to Austria I spent the week­end in Prague with Hazel, one of the other teach­ers. More about Dresden and Prague later.

This town has one long street, sever­al gues­t­houses, the Inter­na­tion­al Wittgen­stein soci­ety, and a bat-filled stalac­tite cave.

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It has rained a lot since we arrived here . . .

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You know you are in rural Austria when the local super­mar­ket has a fine selec­tion of leder­hosen and dirndls. They are made of very high qual­ity fabric, and cost sever­al hundred euros an outfit.

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  1. Great website. I was wonder­ing as you worked in schools if there are any special schools in Kirch­berg am Wech­sel?

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