How to Be a Cult Lead­er

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Last week I went to a How To Be a Cult Lead­er show. My friend Mel was doing the visu­als with Space is Ace. I liked the setup and atmo­sphere of the show a lot. There were differ­ent musi­cians dotted around the room in the small theatre, and they would each play one or two songs in turn, with a 10 minute bar/​toilet break every so often. There were also projec­tions and lights direc­ted at the two side walls. It was quite tricky to take photos, because the theatre was dark, but there were also a lot of vibrant colours I wanted to do justice to without leav­ing the performers blurred.


Most of the acts were solo artists, like this guy, Patchfind­er.

Man From Uranus

Or the Man From Uranus

Lord Tusk

My two favour­ites however were Lord Tusk & the Black Sun, an electronica/​jazz duo . .


. . . and We, a Devo/​Resid­ents type band who wore Klaus Nomi suits and cubes on their head, and who removed the covers to the cubes in their last song to reveal a mirrored surface. Later I asked them if they were named after the Zamy­at­in book, and they said they had come up with the band name We first, and then were pleas­antly surprised to find out about the book and how well it fitted their stage act.

Space is Ace

Space is Ace decor­ated the venue with photo­cop­ies of the moon.

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