How to Be a Cult Lead­er

Last week I went to a How To Be a Cult Lead­er show. My friend Mel was doing the visu­als with Space is Ace. I liked the setup and atmo­sphere of the show a lot. There were differ­ent musi­cians dotted around the room in the small theatre, and they would each play one or two songs in turn, with a 10 minute bar/​toilet break every so often. There were also projec­tions and lights direc­ted at the two side walls. It was quite tricky to take photos, because the theatre was dark, but there were also a lot of vibrant colours I wanted to do justice to without leav­ing the performers blurred.

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Space is Ace II


My friend Mel put on a space-themed night at Power Lunches with some other students from her MA course. I helped out by design­ing the flyer, help­ing with decor­at­ing, and djing in the bar. I had a really good time, but I really don’t have anything nice to say about the beha­viour of the three other St Martin’s students.

The night was really popu­lar though, the place was packed, and every­one seemed to have a good time, which was the import­ant thing.