Inter­na­tion­al Pop Hits

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My all-time top Finn Tukru, sent me some weird Finnish music videos from the past. (Don’t intro­duce me to any other Finns, Tukru, you might get demoted).

I really have no words to describe this one. Appar­ently this was a big hit in Finland! The lyrics are on the youtube page, they’re prop­er 80s viz type stuff. It gets stuck in your head forever, even if, like me, you don’t speak Finnish.

This was Tukru’s all-time favour­ite when she was a kid. She has a special dance. It’s got the lyrics on the Youtube page too.

Here’s a Hungari­an one I forgot last time. It reminds me a bit of El Topo. Also the video is of Sopron, a place in Hungary well worth visit­ing.

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