Kyoto Shrines and Temples

torii sm

Kyoto is famous for its Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, many of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. There are so many in the city that even though I spent a whole day walking round different sites, I only saw a small percentage of them. People place stones on these Shinto torii gates for good luck. You can also see my photos of ema good luck plaques here.

shinto entrance sm

You can recognise Shinto sites by these paper and rope decorations.

rock sm

Many Japanese people follow both Shinto and Buddhist traditions.

cup shrine sm

As well as big famous temples and shrines, there are a lot of small sites in backstreets in Kyoto. People had left cups of water as offerings here, but there was no sign explaining the significance, and googling hasn’t got me far.

stones sm

These statues of Jizo dressed in bibs and hats are very widespread however.

temple sm

To the south of the Imperial Palace is a huge park filled with different temples and shrines, and moss lawns.

boar sm

And smaller shrines, such as this one dedicated to wild boar. A lot of the statues and images you see make films like Princess Mononoke make a lot more sense.

boar guard sm

The other statues in the Go-o shrine weren’t as fearsome.

zen garden sm

There are also a lot of Zen raked gravel gardens in Kyoto.

lion sm

Instead of boar, most shrines have lion or fox statues guarding the gate.

plants sm

I especially liked the smaller sites on quiet back streets.

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