Kyoto II

sakura bud sm

Here’s some more photos of Kyoto. I have split the pictures up into sever­al entries. You can see more photos from Kyoto and other cities in the Japan category, and also read about the trip in the zine I wrote. Kyoto is famous for its cherry blos­som, but sadly we were there a couple of weeks earli­er than it comes out in full bloom. You did see the odd bud here and there though.

tanuki sm

Instead of garden gnomes, people in Japan have tanuki figures. I didn’t see any wild racoon dogs.

oranges sm

Citrus grow­ing in a local shrine. There is a separ­ate entry for my shrine and temple photos.

hotel garden sm

The hotel reflec­ted in the water of the garden. I won five nights at the Hyatt as part of my prize. I certainly can’t afford to stay at that kind of hotel normally.

pine cones sm

Someone arranged these pine cones in the hotel garden.

graveyard sm

A grave­yard near the hotel.

bonsai sale sm

A street stall of bonsai.

bonsai moss sm

A mini­ature moss garden. You can see my photos of the full-sized thing here.

bonsai cherry sm

A sakura bonsai garden.

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