Lago di Garda in the late 90s

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I was tidy­ing up recently and found these photos of Lake Garda. I’m not sure when I took them, because I’ve been there a few times, but it must have been between 1998 and 2001 when I was 13-16. I went to that part of Italy for the first time in 1998 (I’d been to Liguria before on day trips, but that was it) and I got a APS camera in 2000 and these photos were from a dispos­able camera.  The first time we went was by bus. Going from London to Italy by bus is not a partic­u­larly pleas­ant exper­i­ence, espe­cially if the recliner on your seat is broken.

The next year or so you could suddenly get really cheap flights to Bres­cia for about £20, so I often went to Italy with my mum. These pictures are of Riva del Garda. Italy was very cheap before the Euro for visit­ors from the UK. It was a little confus­ing that the Lire and Pound signs were the same though. At the time £1 GBP = £2000 ITL, so you’d see a price tag like £4000 and your brain would take a second to remem­ber that it was Lire not Pounds.

They had also run out of small change at the time, and the govern­ment wasn’t going to mint any more small coins because the Euro was coming soon, so shops would often give you a hand­ful of sweets instead of £50 coins.  I was partic­u­larly impressed with the station­ers in Italy. The parents have to provide all the note­books and folders for school there (unlike in the UK where the school gives you drab cheap ones for free), so the shops have a huge assort­ment of fant­ast­ic cheap note­books and folders with nice designs, because heav­en forbid your seven year old doesn’t have chic school supplies. I can never resist nice station­ery, and at the time in the UK it was either expens­ive or hard to get. (The growth of Paper­chase has done a lot to change that).  Lake Garda is still one of my favour­ite places, although I haven’t been back there for about 8-9 years

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