The world is not my oyster

Oysters 3

Here are the other photos from Whistable. I took more of the boats, seashore etc with my wide-angle lens on film, and I haven’t had it developed yet. I much prefer my film SLR to my digital one (70s Pentax cameras just feel so nice to use), but I’m too broke lately to use much film, and I still have 5 rolls sitting around that need developing. I didn’t eat any oysters while I was there, because I’m vegetarian, but I did have a really great mascarpone, truffle and rosemary pizza.


The local architectural style, with the painted shingles is so pretty. Unfortunately everyone else thinks so too, so a lot of the locals are now priced out of their own town by holiday home owners.

Lady in Red

I like to imagine the owner of this boat also has an increasingly thinning eighties mullet.


Oysters 2

They put the used oyster shells back on the seabed to improve the habitat.

Oysters 1

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