Liter­ary Eating and Drink­ing in Prague

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We didn’t have a long time in Prague, so we didn’t get to sample that many places, but the ones we did go to all seemed to be based on books. Fun, and a little strange. (And the beer in the Czech Repub­lic is both very cheap and very good).


For dinner we went to a Good Soldier Švejk themed pub. The book is one of my favour­ites- it’s a dark anti-war comedy about Josef Švejk, a slack­er soldier in the First World World who manages to constantly avoid danger by being enthu­si­ast­ic, but totally useless. His super­i­ors aren’t sure if he’s genu­inely stupid or extremely cunning, and the ridicu­lous situ­ations all the char­ac­ters find them­selves in parody the point­less­ness of war and the stupid­ity of imper­i­al­ism. It also has great illus­tra­tions.

The food in the pub was typic­al Czech dishes (ie pretty simil­ar to Austri­an food), and was tasty. I can’t actu­ally remem­ber what I had- possibly some kind of dump­ling thing, but I remem­ber it was good.

We also went to a V for Vendetta themed cock­tail bar. We were walk­ing past, Hazel saw it, and burst into uncon­trol­lable laughter and felt we had to go there. Every­where was decor­ated with the Guy Fawkes’ mask, but it was quite pricey (the sort of place where the barmen expect tips) and had a cock­tail jazz duo play­ing in the court­yard. We drank Bech­er­ovka, because the cock­tails were expens­ive. It was a very strange combin­a­tion. The thought of Alan Moore sitting in there doesn’t really gel. .

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