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After a week in Dresden at the end of August, I went to Prague for the week­end with my work colleague Hazel. We both had to go to Vienna en route to our next assign­ment, so it made sense to fit in a quick trip to Prague on the way.

We had a peace­ful train trip there. The train went through the spec­tac­u­lar Saxon Switzer­land (which isn’t actu­ally in Switzer­land, it’s in Saxony, but looks a bit like Switzer­land). Czech trains have old-fash­ioned compart­ments. We shared ours with a nice old couple from Leipzig, who were going on holi­day to Prague.

Things didn’t go so smoothly when we got to Prague. We spend ages sweat­ily chas­ing round with heavy packs, trying to find the hotel. It turned out that the direc­tions the hotel website had given were incred­ibly unhelp­ful, and even when we’d finally found the street, we couldn’t actu­ally find the build­ing. It also turns out that they do double build­ing number­ing in the Czech Repub­lic, like Italy, but with an even more complic­ated system. The hotel turned out to be nice, clean, cheap and cent­rally located, which was what we wanted though.

It also turned out to be run by the Luther­an church, with pictures of Jesus every­where, but as they weren’t intent on making us pray or anything, we didn’t really care much. After having success­fully not murdered each other up to that point, we had a quick wash, and did as much sight-seeing as possible.We pretty much saw all the famous sights of the Old Town. I don’t have many pictures of them, like the Charles Bridge and so on, because we were there at the height of the tour­ist season, and every­where was packed with tour groups. I’d like to go back in the winter if I could, to spend a bit longer, and see more of the city, and at a time when it’s less crowded. Prague seems like a very creat­ive city, there’s lots of colour­ful art every­where you look, but also a lot of tacky tour­ist trap stuff, which prob­ably increases in volume at the peak of the tour­ist season.

Talk­ing of tacky tour­ist traps, we went to see a black light theatre show. It’s a typic­al Czech thing, with puppets and actors in bright colours against a black curtain, and lit with UV light. We walked past a theatre advert­ising a show called “Aspects of Alice”, which soun­ded appeal­ing, bring­ing to mind Švankmajer’s Alice in Wonder­land film. Tick­ets weren’t partic­u­larly cheap, but it seemed like a unique exper­i­ence.

It really wasn’t that great though. It really had very little connec­tion with Alice, there was lots of padding mater­i­al and it dragged, and really wasn’t that magic­al. If it had been a 30-40 minute show and a bit cheap­er, it would have been fun. We left at the inter­val, because we were bored and tired from trav­el­ling, and feel­ing a bit ripped off. There are lots of bad reviews on the inter­net. Appar­ently the cast start strip­ping in the second half though, which is inter­est­ing . .  I guess it pays to research what show to go to. I’m sure there are some really good shows in the genre.

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