London Zine Symposi­um 2009

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Sunday was the London Zine Symposi­um, and I had a stall with the other Brighton Zine­fest people. We went up togeth­er on the train, and that seemed to coun­ter­act the jinx that plagues me any time I try to go to a zine event in London which cancels/​seriously delays any known form of trans­port. I did forget to bring the “up for trades” badges though, and we had to make do with German ones (not that useful in an English-speak­ing event!). There were two rooms this year, about 2 million people I knew and it got very hot. I did a work­shop with Alex about Etsy, we basic­ally made it up as we went along.

Our stall

Here’s our stall with assor­ted bits, and vegan cakes.

Kraken goddamit

Toby got this amaz­ing bag with “I’m the goddamn kraken” painted on it, from the people with the stall next to us (they were very young, and it was their first event, their zine was called Everything You Touch Turns to Gold)
Best patch *ever*

I got this amaz­ing patch from the Irish people from Loser­dom zine on the other side of us, it’s now firmly ensconced on the arm of my jack­et to show I’m in the DIY corps.


Here they are.


More of the room.


Tukru (jn her knit­ted bow), Elean­or and Flick. Scott, Chris T, and Dan O were also there, but for some reas­on I didn’t get a shot of them. I saw my friends Fraser, Sanjay and Chloe as well as all the zine stall­hold­ers I knew.

Alex on the train
Alex on the train.

Every­one went for a drink after­wards, and the pub was so packed that we had to resort to sitting in the street, on the pave­ment (don’t worry, it was an empty street). The amer­ic­ans amongst us were amazed that this was both legal and accept­able.

I caught the bus back to Victor­ia with Tukru and Alex, and they compared catch­phrases- Alex “it’s true!” Cana­dianly, and Tukru-“Good times!”, and then we went our separ­ate ways, T to Chath­am, me & A to Brighton, where I walked Alex to Ellie’s house where she was stay­ing (my flat is too cluttered and tiny for guests really), then sleep.

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