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I haven’t updated my blog since August. Since July I’ve moved house, worked in Cambridge teach­ing a summer camp, then worked long hours to help make DIY Space for London a real­ity (it worked, it worked!), and enrolled on a teach­ing course a few weeks ago. The first few weeks of the course crammed a lot of classes into a short peri­od of time before we star­ted our first place­ment, so I didn’t really have time to update. I also wanted to take my full name off my blog, to keep it out of the grubby mitts of the kids (I was teach­ing before in places where the students called me by my first name, at Brit­ish state schools I’m Ms F- if it were up to me, I’d stay on first name terms) and move it to its own site, with a new layout. All this takes time and energy, of which I had neither. Some of the images and format­ting on older posts may be a little wobbly until I’ve gone through everything thor­oughly. They don’t always auto­mat­ic­ally import very well.

I star­ted my place­ment at a really nice school last week, and then promptly came down with shingles. So my scabby, itchy 5-tablets-a-day self is stuck firmly at home, away from all the chil­dren, babies, preg­nant women, old people and anyone else who shouldn’t chance getting chick­en pox. After feel­ing dread­ful for the last five days, I’m on the mend now, but have to stay at home until Saturday. It’s not all bad though, I perked up today and redid this blog, and it means I have the chance to get ahead with univer­sity assign­ments and paper­work, add some new things to the DIY Space website, and do things like read books or do some crafts or art that I haven’t had the chance to do lately. (I star­ted off doing Inkto­ber, but left it off when I got ill). It also gives me a chance to unpack and sort through some bags of junk from the move.

I also have quite a back­log of photos from Sweden, Denmark and France, book reviews, and all kinds of other things to post here, which I’ll prob­ably prepare in batches, and sched­ule to post over the next few weeks when I’m busy again.

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