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Here’s some nice things I’ve found lately. Start­ing with this stop-motion cook­ing video by PES Studi­os.

  • A website with all kinds of free print­able papers for design­ers, like isomet­ric dots, polar grids, etc
  • Rainy Mood is well-known, but if you haven’t seen it before, and need some relax­ing sounds, it always fits the bill. (Muji of all people, are also giving away a phone app which does the same thing)
  • Photos from Yakutsk, the cold­est city in the world
  • “I once saw him in his room pack­ing his case before leav­ing- he rightly declined my help as irrel­ev­ant- and it was like a mosa­ic, every single item lovingly lowered into the place care­fully left free for it. It would have been sacri­lege to destroy that almost flor­al arrange­ment by lend­ing a help­ing hand” Stefan Zweig describ­ing Rilke pack­ing a suit­case in the World of Yester­day. Rilke- master of German poetry, master of Tetris 70 years before it was inven­ted. For people unfa­mil­i­ar with Stefan Zweig, he was a top-selling Austri­an author of the inter­war peri­od, who was forced out by the Nazis. The Grand Budapest Hotel is based on both some of his short stor­ies and his own life.

    annas museum
  • Anna’s Museum. A small natur­al history collec­tion, collec­ted and curated by a young girl, and displayed to the public in the down­stairs windows of her parents’ house in the centre of Brighton.
  • Photo diary of a doctor work­ing for the summer in a tiny village in Nenets in the far north of Russia. (The origin­al Russi­an version is here, which has longer explan­a­tions of what’s happen­ing in the photos, if you don’t mind google trans­latese)
  • Always a favour­ite- “How to tell you’re in a novel by . . .” from the Toast. A large vari­ety of differ­ent writers to pick from.
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