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1. The Closed Circle- Jonath­an Coe
2. Dibs in Search of Self- Virgin­ia Axline
3. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case- Agatha Christie
4. 99 Ways to Tell a Story- Matt Madden
5. Fragile Things- Neil Gaiman

99 Ways to Tell a Story- Matt Madden

I got this from my sister for my birth­day (via amazon wish­list)- thanks Simone. This is based on the clas­sic Exer­cises in Style, but turned to comics instead of prose. You get the same basic (and slightly dull) story about the author getting up from his work, answer­ing his girlfriend’s request for the time, open­ing the fridge and forget­ting what he was look­ing for, told 99 differ­ent ways. My favour­ites were the trib­utes to Robert Crumb, the draw­ings exten­ded outside the frame in totally unex­pec­ted ways, the Bayeux Tapestry, the 18th century version and the parody of Chick tracts. I recom­mend, and I also recom­mend the Raymond Queneau origin­al (in fact anything by Queneau).

Fragile Things- Neil Gaiman

When I was 12-13 Neil Gaiman was quite defin­itely my favour­ite author. Now I can recog­nise when he’s being a little cheesy, but I still enjoy his stuff. This is a collec­tion of short stor­ies includ­ing a very creepy sketch for the Grave­yard Book, a Sher­lock Holmes/H.P Love­craft cros­sov­er from that Shad­ows Over Baker Street compil­a­tion I’ve never got round to read­ing, and a poem writ­ten from the point of view of Blue­beard. The stor­ies are varied and all inter­est­ing. Again, recom­men­ded.

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