New zine time again

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yf 17 1

24-page b/​w quarter sized zine on pink paper made of marsh­mel­lows and happi­ness

What’s in this one:

* Why Mr Frosty sets are disap­point­ing as an adult
* Your Tears are Cheap: Special holi­day centre section of vitri­ol­ic negat­iv­ity
* Lists! Lots of lists.
* Extra J.Mascis and cats

yf 17 2

(Sorry about slight graini­ness of pictures, my scan­ner really does not seem to like pink paper all that much)

Avail­able on Etsy or contact me if you don’t like to use Etsy. Up for (select­iv­ish) trade too.

hemingway postcards.JPG

Also, I’m giving free post­cards away with every order. I used to sell these post­cards with a draw­ing and silly poem I did of Ernest Heming­way until I got this email:

“1) Etsy received a notice from David Stickles (, whose client Heming­way Ltd. is a corpor­a­tion owned by the heirs of the late Amer­ic­an author Ernest Heming­way. The notice said that “by virtue of grant from the Heming­way heirs, Heming­way Ltd. owns multiple trade­mark rights and rights of publi­city in and to the name, photo­graph, like­ness, signa­ture, and persona of Ernest Heming­way.” Accord­ing to the notice, certain mater­i­al on Etsy is not author­ized.”

Appar­ently draw­ing people steals their face, and they need Ernest Hemingway’s face to flog a tacky range of loafers and cush­ion covers (I’m not joking, check out this). Seeing as I can’t sell the things, I might as well give them away.

Also, I will be at the Camden Zine­fest on Saturday the 8th if anyone else is coming.

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