zine cover

New zine time again

yf 17 1

24-page b/w quarter sized zine on pink paper made of marshmellows and happiness

What’s in this one:

* Why Mr Frosty sets are disappointing as an adult
* Your Tears are Cheap: Special holiday centre section of vitriolic negativity
* Lists! Lots of lists.
* Extra J.Mascis and cats

yf 17 2

(Sorry about slight graininess of pictures, my scanner really does not seem to like pink paper all that much)

Available on Etsy or contact me if you don’t like to use Etsy. Up for (selectivish) trade too.

hemingway postcards.JPG

Also, I’m giving free postcards away with every order. I used to sell these postcards with a drawing and silly poem I did of Ernest Hemingway until I got this email:

“1) Etsy received a notice from David Stickles (dstickles@fashionlicensing.com), whose client Hemingway Ltd. is a corporation owned by the heirs of the late American author Ernest Hemingway. The notice said that “by virtue of grant from the Hemingway heirs, Hemingway Ltd. owns multiple trademark rights and rights of publicity in and to the name, photograph, likeness, signature, and persona of Ernest Hemingway.” According to the notice, certain material on Etsy is not authorized.”

Apparently drawing people steals their face, and they need Ernest Hemingway’s face to flog a tacky range of loafers and cushion covers (I’m not joking, check out this). Seeing as I can’t sell the things, I might as well give them away.

Also, I will be at the Camden Zinefest on Saturday the 8th if anyone else is coming.

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