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on light sm

A few weeks ago, Univer­sity College London held a light-themed street fest­iv­al, with stalls run by the differ­ent univer­sity depart­ments with demon­stra­tions and free activ­it­ies. My friend Mel was there to win a Guin­ness World Record for the world’s largest cyan­o­type print (she’s already the hold­er of the record, which she did as part of an arts fest­iv­al in India earli­er this year, but she wanted to beat her previ­ous record).

kids cyanotypes sm

As you came in, there was a wall of small cyan­o­types drying from the work­shop going on.

cyanotype sm

The world record beat­ing cyan­o­type. I wasn’t there to see all the people lying on it to create the expos­ure though. I only got there just after the fabric was hosed down to neut­ral­ise the chem­ic­als.

demo sm

A will­ing volun­teer shows how it’s done.

team sm

Mel and the team. They were exhausted after spend­ing all night coat­ing the giant piece of fabric.

camera obscura sm

A camera obscura tent. I didn’t get to have a go though, because there was quite a queue.

smoke sm

This archae­olo­gist was demon­strat­ing stone age meth­ods of creat­ing fire. I had a go, but she had the knack with the flints and I didn’t. Of course stone age people didn’t have to do that every time they wanted a fire, people carried around a glow­ing ember in a tinder­box as much as possible. You could also make a Roman-style oil lamp out of clay at the stall.

fire prep sm

A bowl with tinder, dry straw and kind­ling. The tinder was amadou, a kind of tree fungus. It feels just like suede, and can also be used to make hats.

flints sm

Archae­olo­gic­al remains of fire and light equip­ment.

paint sm

There was also a demon­stra­tion of how reflect­ive road paint works.

paint instructions sm

mixing sm

You have to get the paint pretty hot.

lines sm

And it’s not very easy to spread by hand without the stripe-paint­ing machine.

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