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I used my postal vote today- I’m going to be away from home on polling day. I didn’t get to vote in the 2005 elec­tion, because of a regis­tra­tion mix-up, so I made sure to get it all done way in advance this time. It’s nice to see that the candid­ates in my area for the three big parties are all women. Caroline Lucas has a fairly good chance of getting in in Brighton, she’s the lead­er of the party, and they’re very popu­lar locally. If she wins, she’ll be the first Green party MP. If she weren’t on the list, I’d go for the Lib Dems. That’s who I’ve voted for every other time. I have no idea who will win the elec­tion. I hope it isn’t smug orange plastic-faced Camer­on.

And yes, that *is* a box for the Zombie Party you see there. In London, there’s also guy stand­ing for Parlia­ment in the char­ac­ter of a pirate, because he lost a bet: http://www.madcapntom.co.uk/

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