What about the voice of Geddy Lee?

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On Thursday I went to see the last night of the Pave­ment reunion at the Brix­ton Academy (I refuse to call any of the London venues their new spon­sor­ship names). I got into Pave­ment just as they were split­ting up, and so I never got to see them live. 10 years later, and it finally happens. I didn’t both­er to bring a camera, as my pock­et digit­al doesn’t focus prop­erly in low light any more. The tick­et was my birth­day present from Chris back in Janu­ary.

We had seated tick­ets, and origin­ally planned to swap for stand­ing, but both of us had stink­ing colds, so we were happy to sit. I’ve never actu­ally say down at the Brix­ton Academy before, but we staked out the best seats in the house, right at the front of the balcony. Broken Social Scene were in support, who I like anyway. They were good, but not mind-blow­ing. Five guitars didn’t seem to make much of a meaty sound. (The keyboard play­er also looks exactly like my friend Bryony, which was a bit distract­ing)

Pave­ment were bril­liant, they played for 2 hours, and pretty much played all the songs I wanted to hear (see why I have no ambi­tions to become a music journ­al­ist). Chris says he wants Bob Nastanovich’s job of banging things and shout­ing. I also liked the lights, with differ­ent coloured and moving back­ground ones for each song, and then a big tangled string of giant fairy lights above the stage, to make it even more like a Christ­mas and birth­day combined.

Here’s someone’s youtube video, with oblig­at­ory awful sound. The sound in the actu­al venue was immacu­late.

Main Set

1. Groun­ded
2. Gold Soundz
3. Elev­ate Me Later
4. Kennel District
5. Cut Your Hair
6. Fath­er To A Sister Of Thought
7. The Hex
8. Zurich Is Stained
9. In The Mouth A Desert
10. Two States
11. Silence Kit
12. Unfair
13. Stop Breath­ing
14. Rattled By The Rush
15. Here
16. Perfume V
17. Shady Lane
18. Debris Slide
19. We Dance
20. Trig­ger Cut
21. Spit On A Stranger
22. Summer Babe

Encore 1

1. Date With Ikea
2. Stereo
3. Fight This Gener­a­tion

Encore 2

1. Range Life

A kind person at the train station gave me an unused single tick­et for london, but buying a single back + trans­port with­in London actu­ally ended up cost­ing me more than buying a travel­card tick­et would’ve done in the first place (no chance of bunk­ing, South­ern Trains are very hot on having late night inspect­ors). Train tick­et pricing is insane.

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