Radio silence over

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waves 1

Here’s the embroid­ery I’ve been work­ing on for my MA install­a­tion. The whole thing (islands and sea) took me about 70 hours. I am thor­oughly sick of embroid­ery at this point. In a week’s time I’ll be finished with univer­sity.

Embroidery in progress

I got some fabric prin­ted up by Spoon­flower and embroidered the waves on with chain stitch in stand­ard embroid­ery floss and Rowan knit­ting cotton for the thick­er lines.

waves 2

(Here’s a clos­eup- the whole thing meas­ures 18″/45cm square and has about 50-60m of embroid­ery on it)

map 1

I added islands on, stuffed them to create a relief effect, and then moun­ted the fabric onto a wooden frame. (Sorry this one was on the floor- it was hard to get enough distance to fit the whole thing in with a 50mm lens, and my 28mm lens distorts the lines too much)

map 2

On a table to show the relief a little better.

map 4  

map 3

Where the stars are, photores­ist­ors will be connec­ted up to an Ardu­ino, and when a visit­or moves the model boat to that place, the computer will play the anim­a­tion (ok, Captain Pugwash-style anim­at­ic thing) for that island. The textile map was meant to match as closely as possible to the style of the anim­a­tions. Here’s the loop which will greet visit­ors for compar­is­on (there are some sea monsters and things I need to add in to the anim­a­tion tomor­row).

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