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I decided to make a list of things I like. It’s not specific things, like particular bands or directors or food, it’s more a list of general principles of what I enjoy. My life recently has been controlled by people who have nothing to offer, and who have to create drama and pain in their and other people’s lives in order to not be bored.

The world and life aren’t boring. There are 10 million interesting things you can do that don’t hurt a fly. Anyone who is worth knowing, knows this. Actions have consequences, and anything worth doing doesn’t have negative consequences on other people. They say the best revenge is living well.

* Sunlight and fresh air and nature (although I’m not sporty or particularly outdoorsy)
* Visiting the countryside, but not living there. I need the stimulation of a city
* The sea and other water
* Listening to music. *Really* listening to music, totally focused and absorbed in it
* Playing music myself, even if I’m too shy to show it to other people
* Watching documentaries
* Art and culture
* Visiting museums and galleries and historical sites
* Meeting interesting people with passions and interests
* Listening to Radio 6 & 4
* Animals
* Books that make you think. Literature in general. Good poetry.
* Going to the library, particularly academic libraries
* Poking round junk shops, charity shops and flea markets
* Good design
* Sedate fun
* Good food and drink, enjoyed for its flavour
* Creating beautiful and comfortable environments
* Learning about things, and discovering things I was previously unaware of
* Creating things
* Working on collaborative projects with other creative people
* Noticing small interesting details
* Exploring places and looking for the things you might otherwise miss
* Learning how things work
* Writing and receiving letters and parcels
* Documenting things and experiences
* Travel
* Photography
* Sewing
* Drawing and painting
* Learning about the history and context of people and places
* The company of people who are comfortable with themselves.
* Honesty. This is very important to me.

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