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(I thought I ought to have a picture. This picture is from when I moved house a few years back. I think I was moving from Read­ing to Brighton. Heft­ing box after box of records down the stairs got really boring and tiring, so I had a teab­reak after about 4 and took a photo. The poncho record disap­peared some­where over the years and house moves. I wish I still had it, the music on it was pretty crap, but the cover was magni­fi­cent.)

On Saturday I’m doing a zine stall with my friend Fliss Colli­er at the inaug­ur­al How Does it Feel to Be Loved Record Fair. As well as our own zines we’re bring­ing a selec­tion of music zines and stock from Vampire Sushi distro.There will be record stalls from Fortu­na POP!, Where It’s At Is Where You Are, Odd Box, Fika, How Does It Feel To Be Loved?, The Great Pop Supple­ment, Dirty Water Records, Enrap­tured, Cherry Red, and Lojinx and lots of second hand records. I will have to restrain myself from spend­ing any money, because I’m broke.

Entry is free, and the fair is on from 12-5 Sat Feb 23rd at the Canter­bury Arms, Canter­bury Cres­cent, Brix­ton, SW9 7QD

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