Revert to Disar­ray

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(paint­ing image from Stef’s website)

I went to an art/​music event this week organ­ised by painter/​illustrator Stefanos Rokos. He’s an artist friend of Ellina’s from back in Athens who is currently hold­ing an exhib­i­tion in London. The idea was that every Thursday, there would be music perform­ances in the gallery. The musi­cians are all friends of Stef’s, and they each created a piece of music that related to the paint­ings. The paint­ings are large and full of fine details ideal for creat­ing stor­ies from. First up was Matt Fried­ber­ger of the Fiery Furnaces, who was going to perform some spoken word pieces over a back­ground track. Next week is Stef Carlens, ex of dEUS.


The gallery’s PA had broken down, and someone seemed to have tried to fix things by putting the mic through a guitar amp. That doesn’t really work, espe­cially for spoken word stuff. Matt was telling stor­ies and point­ing out details in the paint­ings, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying half the time, which of course spoiled the effect.

matt kai stef

The gallery has some kind of connec­tion with a hotel, and they held anoth­er event there the follow­ing night, with Jim Sclavun­os from the Bad Seeds djing ( a strange mix of Iggy Pop and novelty jazz records), and a repeat of the music. It was quite a  surreal exper­i­ence. I don’t really drink in fancy hotels anyway, it not being in the budget. Also, on the way there, we stopped off to get some food, and eat it in a little park, the sort where office work­ers go to eat sand­wiches. There was a crown green bowls contest going on in the middle of the finan­cial district. We felt very civil­ised, watch­ing bowls before going to social­ise in a hotel.


The hotel bar was on a balcony high up on the inside wall of the hotel. It was done up like a rain­forest, with an led-lit water­fall. There is a music video from the late 90s where Jennifer Lopez has a shower in the rain­forest. It reminded me of that. The greeks liked the fact you could smoke in the bar. For some reas­on both an enorm­ous cock­tail or a spir­it with a mixer both cost £10. If I can only afford one drink I’ll go for the huge piña colada.


Some kind of cock­tail ingredient/​Borgia pois­on.


The menu claimed that the drink on the left was limited to one per guest. I don’t know why, or how they would enforce that.


This was above the balcony. My brain couldn’t quite figure out how the build­ing was put togeth­er when you compared the views from the balcony, room and street.

hotel audience

The music perform­ances were in some kind of hotel lounge. It had a framed cupboard of booze, and a pool table, and a couple of artfully placed Bowie records on a table, and they’d hung one of Stef’s paint­ings on the wall. It was like being in a very expens­ive living room.

hotel performance

Matt sat in a chair and repeated his perform­ance. This time you could actu­ally hear the pieces and they were enjoy­able. The paint­ings weren’t there for him to point at though. You win some, you lose some.


The paint­ing. The only one from the set that wasn’t featured in the night’s music. I went back to the bar to get a glass of water, and it was suddenly full of the sort of people who can afford to drink in hotel cock­tail bars. They smelt of terri­fy­ingly expens­ive toiletries. Then when I walked past again, it was suddenly closed.



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