Procras­tin­at­ing in my limited spare time . .

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I should be doing more of this, but instead I’m work­ing very long hours at the dayjob.  I’m either being a hermit, or trying to squeeze in some sort of social life. I hate rigidly schedul­ing things in my person­al life, let’s leave that to work.

There’s quite a back­log of things I want to write about here. I also have a list of illus­tra­tion projects as long as my arm that I want to work on, but haven’t been, because it’s not some­thing I can do very well in 20 minutes here or there. This is a rough sketch for some sort of cut out and stick togeth­er Franken-Nevskiy cathed­ral. I’ve been to a few places that have Aleksandr Nevskiy cathed­rals which are quite simil­ar look­ing. In the mean­time, here is a castle you can print and cut out.

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