Rocks are slow life

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I’ve been enjoy­ing hermit­ting recently. I’ve gone out and done the odd thing and for work, but I’ve been happy to stay in the last few weeks and work on vari­ous projects, and apply for more work, and declut­ter junk. Some­times these phases are nice.

1) Tears on Fresh Fruit- Sparkle­horse
Poor old Mark Linkous.

2) Tired of Sex- Weez­er
I loved the first two Weez­er albums so much as a teen­ager. I was pretty disap­poin­ted when the third album came out, and I never bothered with the others after that. I live in a delu­sion­al bubble where Weez­er only have two albums. Don’t spoil it for me. Listen­ing to them now, I also real­ise what a total and utter creep Rivers Cuomo is. I mean “I want a girl who laughs for no-one else”?. Seri­ously? My friend Tukru sent me this message recently about hear­ing Across the Sea on the radio at work. “I was all YUSSS and EWWWW” at the same time. Pretty much sums it up.

3) Used for Glue- Rival Schools
Loved this album when it came out too. The last time I listened to it all the way through though I felt really sad. I don’t even know why. Perhaps I’m getting old.

4) Under­pass- John Foxx
Dance­able Ballard. You can watch a great docu­ment­ary about Brit­ish synth-pop over here.

5) Elec­tri­city- Orches­tral Manoeuvres in the Dark
I enjoy the uncle dancing in OMD videos.

6) Wet Blanket- the Chills
New Zealand’s top export.

7) Teen­age Jesus Super­stars- the Vasel­ines
I’ve got a best of the Vasel­ines I bought in Edin­burgh well over a decade ago. It’s on vasel­ine coloured vinyl, which is great, but the fact it’s trans­par­ent makes it really diffi­cult to see the indi­vidu­al tracks, because the other side shows through too, so I just kind of listen to it all at once. No hard­ship.

8) Milk It- Nirvana
As a young teen­ager, I read every Nirvana inter­view I could get my hands on, and followed up the things that were mentioned or refer­enced. I got the Pixies, Bikini Kill, the Vasel­ines, Beat Happen­ing, Patrick Süss­kind and lots of other stuff out of that. Thanks Kurt Cobain. It’s weird though when you think of the stuff Nirvana were into them­selves, and compare it to the dull plod­ding stuff that was labelled as their progeny. I saw a Bush video again a little while back on TOTP2. It was tedi­ous stuff.

9) Noth­ing Ever Happened- Deer­hunter
I never saw it coming.

10) Rudder­less- the Lemon­heads
When I was 12 or so, one of my friends at school had an older broth­er who was doing art found­a­tion and seemed impossibly cool. He was very nice however, and was always patient about letting his young­er sister raid his cd collec­tion, and about recom­mend­ing things we might enjoy. He was respons­ible for intro­du­cing me to both the Lemon­heads and Weez­er. Thanks Rob.

11) What a Pleas­ure- Beach Fossils
I get impa­tient listen­ing to a whole Beach Fossils album because it gets very samey, but I always enjoy the indi­vidu­al songs.

12) Discre­tion Grove- Steph­en Malk­mus
I’ve been listen­ing to the Malk­mus solo album a fair bit recently. I don’t think I’d done that since it actu­ally came out. Maybe I should dig out the Preston School of Industry stuff too.

13) My Valu­able Hunt­ing Knife- Guided by Voices
This version is better than the spruced up one, but the oppos­ite is true of Game of Pricks.

14) Free to Go- Folk Implo­sion

15) Last Day of Magic- the Kills
I’ve never been huge on the Kills, but I got this single in the 50p bargain buck­et because I liked the creepy birth­day party photo on the front, and I was very happy I did.

16) Meet Me at the Harbour- Idlewild
I loved loved loved the first three albums, but then they went all seri­ous, and I wasn’t bothered any more. They should prob­ably have never stopped rolling around on the floor. I have a fair few Idlewild 7″s I bought at the time (I partic­u­larly liked the b&w photo­graphy of the Scot­tish High­lands on the front of them all), and some of the b sides were almost better than the actu­al singles. This was the b-side of Actu­ally It’s Dark­ness. I still have no idea why it wasn’t on the album, and a great song like Victory at Sea wasn’t used at all.

17) Porch­light- Seafood
I really wanted some stuff off their third album, but Spoti­fy didn’t have it. I also really liked Seafood in the late 90s/​early 2000s, and they were obli­ging about play­ing in Medway. I’ve got a review of a split EP they did from 2002 I tore out of the NME and stuck in my scrap­book which says “it’s a wonder this sort of ambi­tion-free indie arse still goes on. But goes on (and on and, indeed, on) it evid­ently does, like a suppur­at­ing rash that smells suspi­ciously like 1994. The two Seafood songs sound like Seafood songs always do- Sonic Youth fall­ing asleep”. I love a good burn review. (I also like sleep­ing and Sonic Youth, so fair’s fair). The best one I ever saw went along the lines of “this is so bad, that if they star­ted giving it away with the corn­flakes, I would start buying differ­ent cereal”. Sadly I can’t remem­ber what the review was of, and googling doesn’t give me anything, because I’d prob­ably have to get the exact word­ing.

18) Sheela-na-gig- PJ Harvey
Take those dirty pillows away from me?

19) Slow Life- Super Furry Anim­als
Rocks are slow life.

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