School anim­a­tion project

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School anim­a­tion project- Lost and Found from Emma Falcon­er on Vimeo.

For the past few months, I’ve been work­ing with a group of students and an English teach­er at a school in North London to create a small anim­ated film. The students were set the chal­lenge of coming up with a story that reflec­ted some­thing about the school and the students with­in it. The school is very diverse, and they created a story about a girl who comes to London as a refugee, and is miser­able at school because she doesn’t know any English yet, and can’t under­stand anything or anybody. However, she soon starts to learn the language, and becomes far happi­er once she can under­stand and make friends. The anim­a­tion delib­er­ately has no music or sound effects other than the voice-over, because the music teach­ers are plan­ning to use it as a compos­i­tion project in class.

With the support of myself and the other teach­er, the students were respons­ible for script-writ­ing, sound record­ing, produc­tion duties, artwork and camera oper­a­tion, and I edited it togeth­er for them. The film was made on a real shoes­tring (the total budget was about £30 exclud­ing the borrowed DSLR and tripod, and the staff’s time), with most of the scenes being made of pieces of card­board and paper. There wasn’t really anywhere that the sets and so on could be left or space to set up a dedic­ated work­space, so each scene was set up and filmed indi­vidu­ally in 90 minute sessions in the music room once a week after school. The students learnt that with some ingenu­ity, patience and hard work, you can make some­thing inter­est­ing with no money, and hope­fully in the future they will have a go at making their own films now they’ve made one.

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