St Kilda, Melbourne

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Here’s a few photos from St Kilda in Melbourne. It’s a fancy coastal suburb of Melbourne filled with inter­war bunga­lows, with a pier and esplanade. In the 1960s it was run down and where all the hippies lived, but is now back to being fancy. I went there because there are wild penguins living on the pier and I hoped to see some. Unfor­tu­nately I didn’t manage to spot any that day.

The beach is fine, but there are obvi­ously much better ones in Australia (and I live right by a much much nicer one in England). It was also around 15c when I was there- pleas­ant temper­at­ures for me, cold for Australi­ans. 

I remem­ber an old Australi­an house­mate saying one of the things about coming to Europe that struck her was how differ­ent all the trees and birds were. Lots of euca­lyptus and palm type trees in Australia, even in temper­ate places like Melbourne.

View of Cent­ral Melbourne from the pier.

Luna Park! There’s anoth­er one in Sydney too. It was closed for repairs the day I was there. Great entrance though.

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