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So on Saturday I went to the Sue Ryder hospice sale in Oxford­shire whilst Chris was at work, a treas­ure trove as always.


I got the afore­men­tioned apple ice buck­et, this complete dinner service & coffee set for £8 (which I then had to lug back to Brighton on the engin­eer­ing works train jour­ney from hell on Sunday), and loads of greatest hits albums like OMD, Roxy Music and Dolly Parton (is there some­thing wrong with liking Orches­tral Mano­evres in the Dark?), also a book about crochet and some Johnny Cash records for Chris.


After that we went to the pub on the way back, which is mandat­ory usually, and met up with some other people we know. Sarah got annoyed because they covered her supposedly vegan food in cheese, and she had to send it back, and then they tried to do her out of the bread that was supposed to come with it. Ian’s little boy, A. put that stick­er on his head.


Then me & Sarah had a play on the swings. Muz on the left. Isn’t Sarah’s coat the best thing ever?




A. is a little dare­dev­il, his dad’s got him doing gymnastics in the garden to use up his extra energy. Ian also told us about a girl in his daughter’s class at pre-school who’s got the same surname as them, but she’s called Pelic­an and her brother’s called Magic. PELICAN!

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