London Zine Symposium Haul

I didn’t sell an awful lot, but I did a lot of trading, and I’ve got a nice haul here

LZS haul

The zine fest zine was made on the day with submitted pages, we did a page, but it got lost under the table and we only found it at the end of the day. The red one’s about feminist parenting, the pink one’s a craft zine, the one with glasses the comp zine about children’s lit that I submitted my Diana Wynne Jones interview to, the one with the fish is a comic by loads of my friends from Medway, and the book one’s Ellie’s first zine.

LZS haul

More zines- I got an E of Lazy Soosan, but they haven’t done F yet, so I got an A because it had good pictures, but really I wanted my initials. There’s a guide to owls which has the amazing line “has small owl syndrome”, Alex’s mini photo zine, a zine that came with a mysterious orange tape I haven’t listened to yet, a zine of Eleanor’s that I didn’t have, a field guide to Barcelonan hairstyles that came with the amazing sticker below, and Tukru’s latest.

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