(((O Boards of Sunnada O)))

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So I have still had very little spare time since I finished teach­ing in Cambridge last month. I visited my mum in France for a week, and picked up three weeks more teach­ing in three differ­ent small towns in Germany. (Hello from Schleswig-Holstein today). So the back­log of entries and photos about my travels keeps grow­ing, but I don’t have the time right now to actu­ally address it.

Anyway, in July Sunn O))) toured the UK, and I couldn’t go because I was commit­ted to work­ing long hours on this resid­en­tial course I was teach­ing, and I felt pretty sad about it. So I used It Took The Night to Believe as the prompt for that week’s creat­ive writ­ing activ­ity for my students. The previ­ous week I’d used the video for Reach for the Dead by Boards of Canada (both pieces of music gave good results in the student’s writ­ing) . While setting up the activ­ity I acci­dent­ally set off both songs at once, and discovered they actu­ally sound amaz­ing togeth­er. So enjoy. For best results, start the Boards of Canada song first.

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