Very Friendly

Here’s some photo­graphs I took of my friends’ band Very Friendly. For a while we had inten­ded to take some promo shots with a miser­able day at the beach theme, and then the beach was suddenly covered in thick snow, so this happened over a lunch break. Harry even­tu­ally got warm again. Even­tu­ally.

Domest­ic Abuse Support All-dayer fundrais­ing gig

I recently went to a local gig put on by Art’s Cool rais­ing money for the local domest­ic abuse support char­ity. It was an all-dayer, with half the lineup being local Kent bands, and the other half being from Leeds. The next day they did it all again, but in Leeds, and rais­ing money for an educa­tion char­ity there. I missed the first band, but they were kind of a super­group made up of members from the differ­ent Leeds bands

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(((O Boards of Sunnada O)))

Anyway, in July Sunn O))) toured the UK, and I couldn’t go because I was commit­ted to work­ing long hours on this resid­en­tial course I was teach­ing, and I felt pretty sad about it. So I used It Took The Night to Believe as the prompt for that week’s creat­ive writ­ing activ­ity for my students. The previ­ous week I’d used the video for Reach for the Dead by Boards of Canada (both pieces of music gave good results in the student’s writ­ing) . While setting up the activ­ity I acci­dent­ally set off both songs at once, and discovered they actu­ally sound amaz­ing togeth­er. So enjoy. For best results, start the Boards of Canada song first.

Japan Roundup

So I’ve finally put up all the photos I took in Japan. Below is a summary and links to each post. I have also created some designs for gifts and home­wares over on Soci­ety 6 with my photo­graphs from Japan. You can find them here.

Should a word have two mean­ings?

My three top new albums this year have all been by female solo artists, two of whom are Welsh, Cate le Bon’s Crab Day, Gwenno’s Y Dydd Olaf (the Last Day) and Artan­gels by Grimes. Crab Day is well worth check­ing out, combin­ing influ­ences from spooky 70s folk, Fleet­wood Mac and Devo.

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Frimaire, Nivose & Pluvi­ose

I haven’t updated here in a while. I worked long hours through­out Janu­ary and also moved house. I’ve also now offi­cially deferred my course until next year. I missed too much of the school year when I was ill. I’ll have a little while off, and then look for some work to tide me over. In between all that I turned 31. Ancient, really. I’ll have a bit more time on my hands over the next couple of weeks, so I’d better make use of it. Here’s some links of inter­est­ing bits and bobs to tide you over.