glove to display rings

Superbook of Things to Make (1974)

Another charity shop book- this time from the 70s. It’s a slightly strange mix of technicolour things made from recycling bin objects or fabric scraps, and then a section about making candles.

This is an address book.

I have actually made the birthday cake card before- it came out pretty nice.

I like how they just don’t bother to mention that this is clearly a cat litter tray

In case this isn’t clear- it’s a rack to store postcards or photos in, instead of an album.

An “ideal” gift according to the text – fill up a rubber glove with plaster of Paris, and then when set glue to that giant cork you happen to have lying around. I once stayed at a guesthouse in Morocco where they had a bath that had once been a stone wine vat, and the plug was a similarly huge cork.

The project is painting a big dragon on a piece of cardboard by the way, not making the bedspread.

Why not wallpaper your room with free wallpaper samples they suggest?

The tiger rug is just made of cut out felt and glue

There is not anything complicated going on to make this house candle- it’s literally “make a house template out of card, tape up the seams, fill it with wax, and when the wax is set, paint some windows on it with acrylic paint”

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