Super­book of Things to Make (1974)

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Anoth­er char­ity shop book- this time from the 70s. It’s a slightly strange mix of tech­ni­col­our things made from recyc­ling bin objects or fabric scraps, and then a section about making candles.

This is an address book.

I have actu­ally made the birth­day cake card before- it came out pretty nice.

I like how they just don’t both­er to mention that this is clearly a cat litter tray

In case this isn’t clear- it’s a rack to store post­cards or photos in, instead of an album.

An “ideal” gift accord­ing to the text – fill up a rubber glove with plaster of Paris, and then when set glue to that giant cork you happen to have lying around. I once stayed at a gues­t­house in Morocco where they had a bath that had once been a stone wine vat, and the plug was a simil­arly huge cork.

The project is paint­ing a big dragon on a piece of card­board by the way, not making the bedspread.

Why not wall­pa­per your room with free wall­pa­per samples they suggest?

The tiger rug is just made of cut out felt and glue

There is not anything complic­ated going on to make this house candle- it’s liter­ally “make a house template out of card, tape up the seams, fill it with wax, and when the wax is set, paint some windows on it with acryl­ic paint”

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