Read­ing Diana Xpro

I’ve been work­ing through scan­ning a moun­tain of old films. Here’s some from 2004. I was living in Read­ing and study­ing at the univer­sity there. I also hand­ily had a part-time job in a film lab, result­ing in free devel­op­ment. At the time I got a cd of the photos, but I have no idea what happened to it.

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Extinc­tion Dome print

Here’s anoth­er print- price in the shop varies from £6-£24 depend­ing on size. You can order one here. Features a plesi­o­saur, a nautilus and a coel­acanth for your pleas­ure.

The riso­graph lives again (after a fash­ion)

About five years ago I did two riso­graph prints, one based on Diana Wynne Jones’ Fire and Hemlock, and the other on Eurip­ides’ Bacchae. Each print was an edition of 50, and I sold all of them a long a time ago (except for a couple of copies I kept for myself). Now I have a giclée print­er though, I have resur­rec­ted them as a new edition. This time they’re prin­ted on Canson Infin­ity rag museum paper, which is an acid free and archiv­al water­col­our paper for fine art digit­al print­ing.

Fabric designs

I finally got the print­ing samples back of the fabrics I designed. They are all avail­able on Spoon­flower, a print on demand fabric site. I was very pleased with the end results. I was a little nervous about how they would come out, because I didn’t stick to the recom­men­ded colour palette from the site, but the colours came out exactly as I wanted. You can order them as fat quar­ters or by the meter/​yard. I recom­mend getting them prin­ted on the kona cotton. If you do order any fabric, make sure to wash it on a delic­ate cycle with a less harsh deter­gent like ecov­er.

Tea Party

This is some­thing I had to make in a short peri­od of time at work recently. Invit­a­tion cards for an after school event for kids who volun­teered for a specif­ic thing earli­er in the term. It was nice to have some­thing I could actu­ally draw. Last week I was sort­ing out endless posters of geometry equa­tions. There’s not a great deal you can do with those in terms of illus­tra­tion . . 

Space is Ace

Tomor­row at Power Lunches in Dalston, my friend Melanie is putting on an event with her compadres from the Art & Science MA at St Martins. There’s going to be bands, sound art, projec­tions, edible sugar glass plan­ets, and a very large amount of tinfoil. I did the artwork for the flyer. If you like it, and are coming to the event, you will be able to buy A3 posters of it (a few people asked already). I don’t know the exact prices yet, because I haven’t got them prin­ted yet, but the b&w edition will be roughly £1.50 and the colour version more.

Airmail fabric

I designed some airmail/​penpal themed fabric using some of the same artwork as the patches, and it’s avail­able to buy on Spoon­flower. They have vari­ous differ­ent fabric options, but I recom­mend the Kona cotton for this design, a smooth, medi­um-weight cotton. This is a scan of the actu­al fabric.


For the last two weeks, I’ve been doing work exper­i­ence at an anim­a­tion studio. I know I don’t want to be an anim­at­or (too much minute adjust­ing of other people’s artwork!), but it’s been good to do anyway. I’d much prefer to design things, and then hand them over to some anim­at­ing wonder, who would do a much better job than me. I made some minor contri­bu­tions to an advert for Cana­dian tv (I’ll prob­ably link it when it’s been on later in the year) and did cost­ing for getting some promo­tion­al gifts made, but the most valu­able thing has actu­ally been just talk­ing to people. Every­one is very friendly and help­ful, and has insight­ful things to say.