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Tomor­row at Power Lunches in Dalston, my friend Melanie is putting on an event with her compadres from the Art & Science MA at St Martins. There’s going to be bands, sound art, projec­tions, edible sugar glass plan­ets, and a very large amount of tinfoil. I did the artwork for the flyer. If you like it, and are coming to the event, you will be able to buy A3 posters of it (a few people asked already). I don’t know the exact prices yet, because I haven’t got them prin­ted yet, but the b&w edition will be roughly £1.50 and the colour version more.

Earli­er tonight we passed an unwanted broken satel­lite dish inbetween Kings­land Rd and London Fields. When we walked back we acci­dent­ally walked a differ­ent route and couldn’t find it, but hope­fully tomor­row it will still be there. The best things are found in skips. So far in my life I have collec­ted an early 80s keyboard, some Fall albums, a big wick­er chair, unused oil paints, a draw­ing board already covered with a compet­ent pencil draw­ing of a trum­pet, a giant light box and assor­ted books.

I’ve ended up being respons­ible for choos­ing the music to play inbetween things. I was sort­ing out my record collec­tion recently, while organ­ising to move, and I real­ised I have far more Stere­olab 7″s than I real­ised. Obvi­ously I like Stere­olab, and have for a long long time, but I don’t actu­ally remem­ber buying all these singles, which is just strange. Anyway, expect Stere­olab, Kraft­werk auf Deutsch, Boards of Canada, Neu, that stuff. OK, basic­ally all the stuff I like anyway. Trans­mis­sion out.

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