Cadbury’s Novelty Cook­book

I got this late 70s/​early 80s book from a char­ity shop a while ago. A lot of famil­ies in the UK had it when I was a kid I think. I got it out because I prom­ised to make my friend a really ludicrous birth­day cake from inside. The recipes are fine, vari­ous flavoured sponge cakes with butter­cream icing (albeit with gratu­it­ous Cadbury’s product place­ment in every recipe). It’s the choice of cake themes in the book that’s a bit odd …

Vegan Nanaimo Bars

I was watch­ing a BBC series recently about the history of the native peoples of the Pacific North­w­est, and it gave me a hanker­ing for Nanaimo bars. I used to have a co-work­er from Manitoba, who would make this typic­al Cana­dian treat from time to time, and bring it in. Those were good work days. It’s some­thing in between a millionaire’s short­bread and a cheese­cake, requires no baking, and is totally deli­cious. As well as the stand­ard vanilla filling, mint or coffee vari­ations are also common.