Dr Oetker Backen macht Freude 5 – Baking Makes You Happy vol 5 (1985)

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Another Dr Oetker cookbook from a charity shop in Austria, focusing on winter and Christmas treats this time. I don’t really have much to say about this one, I just thought the photos and styling were cool. I haven’t bothered to scan any recipes because the flour in Austria and the UK is a different consistency/protein content and you have to adapt recipes.

The ones with jam are Linzer Augen, an Austrian biscuit similar to a Jammy Dodger, but with redcurrant jam rather than strawberry.

The star biscuits are also stuck together with currant jam, and topped with crushed pistachios.

The pyramid truffles are made with marzipan and chocolate liqueur, the ones with sprinkles and coconut are rum truffles, and the chocolate ones have a glacé cherry in the middle.

I feel this photo is missing the author’s name in gold embossed letters, and a blurb asking how will the maverick lone wolf detective manage to  solve the murder at the big house this time.

The piped ones with the gold bits are made of chestnut purée.

The round ones go by the appetising name of “Schokoladewurst”. Yes, chocolate sausage.

A spicy cake with orange zest and ginger. Of course the snowman baking pan is Dr Oetker brand, and there’s an advert for it at the back of the book.

I like the touch of the gingerbread cat and logs.

The figures are made out of a kind of sweet milky bread with lemon and vanilla.

Yes, to make the chessboard new years cake, you make two cakes, cut them up into cubes, and stick them back together with jam, and then douse the whole thing with rum. I don’t know why it has mushrooms on it. The things at the front are made with chestnut purée and red wine.

The one at the back, lemon and poppyseed, the one at the front chocolate and rum, with stracciatella filling.

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