Cadbury’s Novelty Cook­book

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This is a post from 2010 with a 2019 update- I decided to scan the photos from the book to replace the camera images I took in 2010, and added some more cake photos from the book

I got this late 70s/​early 80s book from a char­ity shop a while ago. A lot of famil­ies in the UK had it when I was a kid I think. I got it out because I prom­ised to make my friend a really ludicrous birth­day cake from inside. The recipes are fine, vari­ous flavoured sponge cakes with butter­cream icing (albeit with gratu­it­ous Cadbury’s product place­ment in every recipe). It’s the choice of cake themes in the book that’s a bit odd …


Just so you remem­ber.

A quick peek at the insides.

It’s all stand­ard birth­day cakes, like train, prin­cess, space­ship etc (I’ve made the carou­sel one before), until you get to ..

the WAR!!! cakes

Giant mecha-soldier super­vises the exer­cises.


Send­ing in the robot­ic santas for the christ­mas eve offens­ive (sorry, forgot to scan this page when I redid the photos).

Forcible farm collect­iv­isa­tion cake.

It’s East­er time. Time for Franken­stein chicks, and eyeless zombie bunnies.

Ooh, you were awful, but I did like you. (Mourn­ing the tragic death below of his preg­nant compadre)

Roll up, roll up! Time to see the sharp-fanged clowns!

Ideas for those many, many Scot­tish themed parties you have.

For all your witch-burn­ing parties too. (Admit­tedly I think it’s meant to be Bonfire Night, but a- we don’t celeb­rate Guy Fawlkes with decor­ated cakes, and b-it looks more like a witch).

And finally, “Frog­land”. Aka a bowl of lime jelly (jello to you trans-pond types) with frogs made of Creme Eggs with glacé cherry eyes, and evil icing mouths.

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  1. @ Tor
    Just don't try them with actu­al Dairy Milk! They've changed some­thing about the recipe, and instead of getting melted chocol­ate, you end up with a weird lump of congealed veget­able fat in a sea of molten cocoa, as I found out to my cost. It was pretty gross.

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