Cadbury’s Novelty Cookbook

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This is a post from 2010 with a 2019 update- I decided to scan the photos from the book to replace the camera images I took in 2010, and added some more cake photos from the book

I got this late 70s/early 80s book from a charity shop a while ago. A lot of families in the UK had it when I was a kid I think. I got it out because I promised to make my friend a really ludicrous birthday cake from inside. The recipes are fine, various flavoured sponge cakes with buttercream icing (albeit with gratuitous Cadbury’s product placement in every recipe). It’s the choice of cake themes in the book that’s a bit odd …


Just so you remember.

A quick peek at the insides.

It’s all standard birthday cakes, like train, princess, spaceship etc (I’ve made the carousel one before), until you get to ..

the WAR!!! cakes

Giant mecha-soldier supervises the exercises.


Sending in the robotic santas for the christmas eve offensive (sorry, forgot to scan this page when I redid the photos).

Forcible farm collectivisation cake.

It’s Easter time. Time for Frankenstein chicks, and eyeless zombie bunnies.

Ooh, you were awful, but I did like you. (Mourning the tragic death below of his pregnant compadre)

Roll up, roll up! Time to see the sharp-fanged clowns!

Ideas for those many, many Scottish themed parties you have.

For all your witch-burning parties too. (Admittedly I think it’s meant to be Bonfire Night, but a- we don’t celebrate Guy Fawlkes with decorated cakes, and b-it looks more like a witch).

And finally, “Frogland”. Aka a bowl of lime jelly (jello to you trans-pond types) with frogs made of Creme Eggs with glacé cherry eyes, and evil icing mouths.

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  1. @ Tor
    Just don't try them with actual Dairy Milk! They've changed something about the recipe, and instead of getting melted chocolate, you end up with a weird lump of congealed vegetable fat in a sea of molten cocoa, as I found out to my cost. It was pretty gross.

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