I want my MTV (late 90s edition)

I was a teen­ager in the dark ages when you had to have light­ning reflexes to tape songs you liked when they came on. I didn’t have cable or satel­lite at home, but I did a lot of babysit­ting at houses where they had the music chan­nels. So I used to to make mix tapes of music videos. Here’s some of the stuff I remem­ber taping.

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They only want you when you’re seven­teen

I made this playl­ist a while back, and the post has been languish­ing in the drafts for a while, so I thought I’d finish it off for the end of the year. It’s all songs I liked when I was 17, which was in 2002

Japan playl­ist

Here’s a Spoti­fy playl­ist I made while I was in Japan, of Japan­ese artists and music that matched my mood at the time. (All the Japan­ese bands are marked with a J).

Your suspi­cions I’m confirm­ing, as you find them all quite true

1) Contin­ent­al Shelf- Viet Cong
One off the radio at work. I’m not that fussed about the whole album, but I really like this single.

2) King­dom of Heav­en (Is With­in You) – The 13th Floor Elev­at­ors
From the True Detect­ive soundtrack. The seedy side of the late 60s. It really fitted the show well.

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