Day in My Life- 10th Janu­ary

10th of Janu­ary for the Docu­ment a Day project. I mostly waited at home for a parcel of birth­day presents sent by my dad and did some uni stuff and tidy­ing. Not the most excit­ing of days.


There was a b&w photo­booth round the corner from my hotel in Vienna that was €2 a pop. I took a strip most days to docu­ment what I’d been doing . I also had some with Delal, and some of me hold­ing up signs, but I’ve cut them up for zine use now, and I can’t find what I did with the photo of the whole strips.

Pussies Galore

My mum’s got 2 kittens now, about 12 weeks old. She’s had them for about 2 weeks now, so they’re still getting used to things.