Day in My Life- 10th Janu­ary

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10th of Janu­ary for the Docu­ment a Day project. I mostly waited at home for a parcel of birth­day presents sent by my dad and did some uni stuff and tidy­ing. Not the most excit­ing of days.


Wake up. Marcos was up at 7 to go to work. I was a total zombie then and could just about manage a hug and a kiss before fall­ing asleep again.


Out of focus oblig­at­ory bedhead photo. My brain is not up to such concepts as focus­ing the camera right now.


This dress­ing gown- best 50p I ever spent (char­ity shop in Seaford, char­ity shops in towns full of old people always seem to have good stuff). The place is a bit messy. We only moved in a few weeks ago, and only liter­ally a week before got stuff like shelves for dvds and draw­ers for the desk and there’s still stuff that needs putting away.


I ate loads of heavy food late the previ­ous night, and my stom­ach just groans and goes “please! give me some time off” so I ended up just having some tea and ginger nuts instead. Prob­ably not the health­i­est option.


I contin­ue re-read­ing this, one of my favour­ites, while I dunk the biscuits in the tea.


I check my email. Noth­ing excit­ing has happened. I wish I was stupidly rich enough to afford this Andy Warhol cush­ion though.


I attempt to call the dole office to sign off, because I have some more tutor­ing work, but I get put through to about 4 differ­ent people, none of whom know what to do, and the local job centre is just engaged all the time. Useless sods.


I read the Grauni­ad online. They do like a bit of right­eous outrage. The Dura­cell bunny has a seri­ously creepy expres­sion there.


In an idle moment I down­load some more camera filters.


A parcel with a book I want for uni arrives. I hate non-reusable parcel pack­aging.


I loved this book when I was a kid.


Illus­tra­tions. Which is what I wanted it for. I remembered them being colour though.


A quick check of the Brit­ish Library website reveals this is the only version though.


The kitchen is messy. Let’s fix that.


Wash­ing up done. The penguin is a cock­tail shaker. You’ll be seeing him later.


I made some soup out of leftover veget­ables last night. It hasn’t turned out well though. It looks like dish­wa­ter and smells like old veget­able peel­ings. Down the sink with you. In future I’ll stick to onion soup.


I got sent a link to this artist. He’s incred­ible. He pours in layers of resin into contain­ers, and then painstak­ingly paints each layer so that when the resin reaches the top it looks like there are 3d objects in the plastic. You should watch it.


I live on the bound­ary of two boroughs. I joined the library right by my house, but it’s just a small local place, and a lot of their books are aimed at old ladies. To go to the bigger library nearby I have to apply for anoth­er card, because it’s a differ­ent borough. Annoy­ing.


I stick the radio on. 6 Music is pretty much the only reas­on I own a DAB radio. I plan to do some tidy­ing, and I’m not doing it in silence.


Messy. I can’t wait until we can afford to replace those white covers on the sofa and armchair. The fabric is cheap and it stains really easily.


Much better.


Moom­in­mamma is returned to her right­ful place.


I decide to crack on with fixing my bedspread while I’m hanging around. I know the second I jump in the shower the parcel will arrive.


I still don’t feel hungry, so I just have some juice. I checked my prize number. All I won was a 50p off vouch­er for some soup. I don’t even like that company’s soup.


My nan made this bedspread by hand. The patch­work area was sewn onto the main body with really tiny little invis­ible stitches in cotton thread. It looked immacu­late, but wasn’t very sturdy, and the patch­work is coming off.


Having a rest. I had fixed the whole of one side the night before. I found it very tedi­ous sewing the hexagons on (in not so perfect tiny stitches, but a little more strongly), so I don’t think I’ll be taking up patch­work as a hobby any time soon.


Pin cush­ion. It was meant to be a grey pump­kin (after a terri­fy­ing kids book called Knock Three Times I had where the villain was a grey pump­kin pin cush­ion) but it doesn’t really look it.


Time check.


At last, my dad’s parcel arrives.


Gah! Why did Amazon use such a huge box?


This is what I got. Puffin is the children’s dept of Penguin. I don’t know if they’re so well known in other coun­tries.


I love Jan Pienkowski’s silhou­ette illus­tra­tions.


And these editions of Arthur Ransome’s books.


On the radio Steve Lamacq drew a letter and number at random (f 6 in this case) and asked people to text in the album in their collec­tion that was that number posi­tion under that letter, and then he’d play some of his favour­ites. This was mine. I wondered why it didn’t work, until I real­ised I’d missed a digit off the number. I don’t know if they ended up play­ing my selec­tion though.


Bedspread on.


Shower, pill and vitam­in time. I some­how forgot to take a photo of clothes or anything. I was wear­ing a black coduroy skirt, black and grey striped top and purple ballet cardigan anyway.


I star­ted feel­ing really hungry, so I decided to pop out and get some­thing quick and drop off my dole book in person at the job centre. I really love these shoes, but they’re pretty crappy qual­ity. The space invader shoes belong to Marcos.

I forgot to take any photos on the way out, cos I was in a hurry.


Our build­ing is strange. It’s all mock Tudor, but is trian­gu­lar.


Dull street at night.


Me in my coat in the mirror in the lobby.


Stair­way (to heav­en). There is a lift, but it’s incred­ibly claus­tro­phobic. The safety notice says “no more than 4 people” but I can’t actu­ally imagine how you’d even fit 4 in. 2 is uncom­fort­able enough. Anyway I prefer to take the stairs.


Our kitchen window.


Very late lunch time. It’s far too tempt­ing living so close to an M&S.


Save me from the dairy.


Mr Ugly Onion in the kitchen. He’s far too small to actu­ally be of any use stor­ing onions (maybe one very small onion), but I love him anyway and use him for loose change.


I should really crack on with some uni stuff. I choose some music to accom­pany it.



In the end I choose Do Make Say Think. It’s not too distract­ing.


Time check.


Previ­ous page.


Plan­ning out stuff for anim­a­tion project.


Do Make Say Think finish and I stick on Wild Noth­ing.

(Deleted- face of an arse­hole)


This was a Christ­mas present that he had delivered to the office. It arrived late and he kept forget­ting to bring it home until today. I love Ottolenghi’s recipes.



Tea making. Chamo­mile and honey for Marcos. Lapsang Souchong for me.We both have work to be getting on with.




I print off some inspir­a­tion pictures.



Spec­tac­u­larly point­less sketch­book page. I’m just not feel­ing it today.


I cook a curry quickly.


And drink some yakult, because I forgot in the morn­ing.


Frying mush­rooms.


Slicing quorn.




Served with chap­patis. Food with sauces is so hard to photo­graph.


We watched an old QI while eating.


After eating I found some leftover chocol­ate orange from xmas.

(Deleted arse­hole)

Marcos had some chocol­ate almonds his parents had sent us a few days before in a parcel of Span­ish good­ies.


Then we watched Poirot. (Halloween Party was the mystery.


Whisky and ginger. If you’re wonder­ing why we used such fancy whisky for a mixed drink, the bottle cracked when we were moving house, and it had to be drunk up really quickly before it evap­or­ated.


About midnight we went to bed. Marcos was exhausted.

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